In the Loop 10.21.10

Kasatochi Eruption
The 2008 eruption of the Kasatochi volcano in the Aleutian Islands.
Photo by Chris Waythomas, courtesy of the Alaska Volcano
Observatory / U.S. Geological Survey

Scientists searching for an explanation for the record-breaking number of sockeye salmon returning to Canada’s Frasier River have come up with an explosive theory. A 2008 eruption of a volcano in the Aleutian Islands may have created just the right conditions for a massive bloom of Phytoplankton, the sockeye’s favorite dish.

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Exploring New Zealand’s South Island

Fly Fishing New Zealand….South Island Revisited Volume 1 from flydogsdownunder on Vimeo.

A great amateur video by two Australian fly fishermen who venture deep into the backcountry of New Zealand’s South Island. They land several trout that would be “fish of a lifetime” for most of us on this side of the Pacific. If you watch the second volume of their series, you’ll get a sense for just how spooky these trout can be, as one of the anglers struggles to get a fish to bite.

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New Biography of Wes Jordan

wes jordon
Famed rodmaker Wes Jordan doing some product testing in the Orvis Rod Shop, Manchester, VT.
Photo from the Orvis Archives

It is very rare when we get the opportunity to hear the inside story about one of the great fishing-tackle legends. But this is exactly what we get with William H. Jordan’s new book Jordan the Rodmaker: A Biography of Wesley D. Jordan at Cross – South Bend – Orvis. Wes Jordan needs no introduction to anyone who has done any serious fly angling. Maker of incredible (and ahead-of- their-time) fly rods from 1921-1926 at Cross Rod & Tackle at Lynn, MA, Wes Jordan moved to South Bend, Indiana and set up the rod shop for South Bend Tackle Company, which he ran until 1938, producing upwards of 5,000 rods per week. In 1939 he moved to Manchester, Vermont…

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Early Morning Hooky on the Battenkill

October Morning on The Battenkill
Eric Rickstad

Another gorgeous October morning here in Vermont. Only two weeks left of trout season, so Phil Monahan and I got up before light and met at a stretch on the Battenkill that we both like (which does not equate to a stretch where we consistently catch the river’s wild brown trout…there is not such stretch, for us anyway). A cold night in the thirties meant fog on the river first thing. Jumped some wood ducks first thing and thought maybe I should have hung up the rod and gone with the shotgun instead….

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Pond-Testing New Switch Rods

Rod Testing 1
A team of Orvis product developers tests some prototypes at the office pond.
photo by Phil Monahan

I looked out the window yesterday and saw some activity down at the pond here at Orvis HQ, so I figured I’d see what the fuss was about. The rod-development team had just received several prototypes of switch rods to be part of the new Access line, and they simply couldn’t wait to see how they felt. It was a beautiful fall day in the Green Mountains, perfect for spending a little extra time outdoors. And when you’ve worked long and hard to develop a new fly-rod design, it’s a great feeling to finally hold the rod in your hands and see how it performs.

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In the Loop 10.12.10

A gorgeous redfish taken on a fly in the Gulf of Mexico.
photo by Jan Bach Kristensen

Fly fishing for redfish (or “red drum,” depending where you’re from) has become an obsession for reporter Mike Leggett of The Austin-American Statesman. His story of chasing tails off the Texas coast, just east of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge,…

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The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast – Fall Fly Fishing Tips for Eastern and Western Anglers

Before Tom left for the Bahamas (another tough business trip) he was joined in the studio by Jed Fiebelkorn, host of Trout Unlimited’s cable show ON THE RISE for a discussion on fall fly fishing techniques in the eastern and western United States. In doing so, they also bust a popular myth about trout feeding habits.

Click the play button below to listen to this episode and go to to subscribe to future episodes!

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Video: The Source – Iceland

I got an email this morning from Nick Reygaert of Gin-Clear Media, who had noticed we’d posted the trailer for their Tasmania film last week. Nick pointed me to the trailer for the newest Gin-Clear film, “The Source-Iceland,” which offers some spectacular footage from the Land of Fire and Ice. There’s also a New Zealand film, and you can check out that trailer at the Gin-Clear Media Web site.

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