Picture of the Day: Jeff the Trout

Jeff the fish

A short trip home for the holiday provided one angler with her trout of the season so far.

photo courtesy Katie Cone

On my recent trip home to Arlington, Vermont, for Memorial Day weekend, I set my sights on fishing Otter Creek. After visiting the Orvis store in Manchester to get the fishing report, I headed out for a relaxing day on the river. There were already a few people milling about, so I decided to walk in farther, toward a spot that had been promising two years ago when I had visited Otter Creek as a fly-fishing beginner. With the mountains surrounding me and the ferns growing clear above my head, I began to remember. . .

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Conditioning for Anglers, Part I

Many of us take for granted our ability to wade strong currents or rocky bottoms or to stand all day on the bow of a rocking boat. But as we get older we lose muscle mass, strength, and endurance as part of the natural aging process. More importantly, we lose our balance and proprioception (the unconscious awareness of where we are in time and space) and. . . 

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Dealing with Runoff in SW Montana

Huge Cutthroat

When the snowpack starts to melt, rivers run high and muddy, but the many lakes and ponds of southwestern Montana can provide plenty of action and huge fish.

photo by Toby Swank

The reality of the spring melt is finally upon us here in southwestern Montana. We’ve got a lot of snow to get rid of in the high country this year, and everyone around here is ready for the sun after a long Montana winter. It’s hard to say how things will shake out over the next few weeks, but right now. . .

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Fishing with Matt Light, New England Patriot

Matt Light with NY Steelhead
Matt Light with a steelhead he caught on a previous fishing trip

What does a three-time Super Bowl Champion do during the NFL lockout (besides work out at Boston Collge)? What any one of us rational folks do: fish.

On Memorial Day, I fished with Matt Light of the New England Patriots and two other avid anglers, Russ Kessler and Ed Lombardo, Sr. For the past few years, Orvis has been proud to help support Matt’s great charitbale cause, The Light Foundation. The foundation teaches kids outdoor skills such as fishing, shooting, and hunting in order to help them become responsible and successful citizens. It is a great organization that has made a difference in the lives of scores of kids.

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Monster Brookies on the Mouse: Labrador Part III Slide Show

By the time we realize the caddis hatch isn’t going to happen, we don’t care. One morning, we boat two hours to another river with a steeper gradient and faster water. After traveling a mile upriver, we get out to wade. Within minutes, each of us has landed a brook trout from four to seven pounds. For the rest of the afternoon, Jim and I leapfrog up one bank, while Mike and John work the other.

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Monster Brookies on Mouse Patterns: Labrador Adventure Part II

Mike and I spend the rest of the morning with Steve Murray, owner of Riverkeep Lodge, while Jim and John fish with Wilson, who has been the head guide for 15 years. His knowledge of the area is equally matched by his good humor and wit, and throughout the day, whenever Wilson is within earshot, we can hear laughing. Prospecting with drys, we catch an occasional trout, but no one lays into a really big fish. Still, with each colorful brookie, Steve shakes his head in wonder. Even for him, this place takes getting used to.

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Monster Brook Trout on Mouse Patterns: Labrador Adventure, Part I

The brook trout jumps clear out of the river for the size 12 Stimulator skating across the surface. My line goes taut, and soon I bring the trout to hand—a 17-inch beauty that’s thick enough to go two pounds. Although it’s small for this otherworld called Labrador, it’s also the first trout of a weeklong trip, and since I hail from the Land of the 10-Inch Trophy Squaretail (aka Vermont) I’m not yet acclimated to the absurdity of the place. I consider the trout a moment longer, and then slip it back into the water. You’d better bring a pretty big net when you head into the Labrador bush in search of native brook trout.

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Friday Film Festival 06.10.11

Welcome to another edition of the OrvisNews.com Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the Internets for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week, we’re pretty trout-centric, featuring New Zealand browns, Argentina rainbows, and Arctic char (okay, technically not trout) from Sweden. For you salt lovers, there’s a long film on fly fishing in Belize that will have you checking flights to Punta Gorda. While our West Coast compatriots. . .

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Coffee and Rod Testing

As I walked up to the office yesterday morning, I saw the guys from the rod shop carting long cardboard boxes to the picnic table on the lawn. I knew that this could mean only one thing: a morning rod-testing session.

The product developers, others in the Rod & Tackle division, and the folks who actually. . .

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