2011 Resolutions: Fly-Fishing Guide Edition

Simon Perkins helps out a new angler.

Fly-fishing guides come in all shapes, sizes, colors, personalities, and temperaments. Some of us are commanding and aggressive, others more passive. Some of us are articulate, some of us mumble. Some of us are patient, some of us get tense with enthusiasm and anticipation (or in other words, are “impatient”). But we are human, and what do humans do this time of year? We make New Years resolutions.

I reached out to a handful of freshwater guides around the country and asked them what they would change in the upcoming year. So without further ado, I present to you the following collaborative list: “2011 Resolutions—Fly Fishing Guide Edition”. . .

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Friday Film Festival

As the snow flies here at the Home Office, the closest we’ll come to fly fishing this weekend is watching some of the great video available online. This three-pack of YouTube videos runs the gamut from the contemplative life of Izaak Walton to the raw power of a violent tarpon strike. Since it’s a work day, we’ll run them in order of shortest to longest. You may want to save James Prosek’s. . .

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New issue of “Catch Magazine”


The latest issue of Catch Magazine is online now. Photographer Brian O’keefe and his partner Todd Moen continue to find great images and videos of fly fishing. The highlights of this issue include photo essays on Louisiana redfish, tarpon fishing in Cuba, and. . .

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The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast- The First Thirty Feet

Casting out that first thirty feet of line can sometimes be tricky. Tom has some easy-to-follow tips from for the advanced and beginner angler alike. Take a listen and learn to false cast less and fish more.

Tom also asks if you would like to hear some more advanced, “black diamond” podcasts. Let us know in the comments.

Click the play button below to listen to this episode. Go to orvis.com/podcast to subscribe to future episodes

If you cannot see the podcast player, please click this link to listen.

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Let the Fur Fly

This is a great tying video—produced by Tightline Productions—which shows how to tie an interesting nymph using layers of rabbit fur for the abdomen to give the pattern the same wiggly motion as the natural. The video begins with underwater footage of the nymphs you’re trying to. . .

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Fly Fishing 101 at the Denver ISE Show This Weekend!


Come learn how to cast—or to fine-tune your skills—at the Orvis Fly Fishing 101 booth, which is part of the Denver ISE show this weekend

REMINDER: If you’re in the Denver area this week, swing by the Orvis booth (# R557) at the International Sportsman’s Show at the Denver Convention Center. If you think you can make it, here’s a coupon for two dollars off the admission price.

Come take advantage of our free fly-casting and fishing lessons—a program called Fly Fishing 101, which is a fun, quick class for anyone who would like to learn how to get started in the awesome sport of fly fishing. Those who participate will not only learn the very basics to fly casting, but they will also receive some Orvis swag and a coupon for $25 off a $50 purchase. We’ll also point you in the right direction to those who can help you further your education.  
We will have some fun casting games in (or near) the booth to play with and some additional Orvis product coupons you. . .

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Steelhead Odyssey, Episodes III-V


Ted Morris is all smiles as he shows off his first steelhead, taken from Idaho’s Little Salmon.

photo by Eric Strader

[Editor’s Note: This month, three trout guides from Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge have embarked on a steelhead trip through Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. They’ll be filing frequent updates on their progress. The anglers—all steelhead novices—are Eric Strader (from Missouri), Robert McCallister (from New Mexico), and Ted Morris (from Pennsylvania).]

Ted and I stayed in the camper for Christmas, because Robert went back to New Mexico for Christmas. We found a good campground called 3 Rivers near the Bogachiel and the Calawah rivers. Our plan was that we would be able to walk to three good fishing spots that were fairly close. Well…it rained the entire time Robert was gone, and all the rivers. . .

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In the Loop 01.03.11

Arnold Richardson

Arnold Richardson, who portrayed the elderly Norman Maclean in the final scene of 
“A River Runs Through It,” passed away last month at the age of 96.

photo courtesy Sony Pictures

Although everyone remembers Brad Pitt and Craig Sheffer as the stars of Robert Redford’s “A River Runs through It,” the image viewers are left with at the end of the film is the elderly Norman Maclean fishing alone on a Montana river as Redford reads the classic final lines of the book. Last month, Arnold Richardson, the actor who portrayed the older Maclean. . .

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“Once in a Blue Moon” is Online!

Last year’s hit fly-fishing film “Once in a Blue Moon”—about casting mouse patterns for huge trout in New Zealand is now online at Hulu.com. Husband-and-wife team Carl McNeil and Jeannie Ackland covered a lot of ground to capture glorious footage of big trout and mice, and the resulting film. . .

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