My First Landlocked Salmon Fishing Trip

 landlock and reel


Last year, on the last weekend of the season in Vermont, I invited myself along on a fishing trip to a river in Northern Vermont with my boyfriend Tyler and his good buddy Kyle. Kyle had been up there recently and got us all pumped up over the prospect of a fresh landlocked salmon on the line. We left Saturday morning around 1 a.m. with a thermos full of coffee and arrived at the river before sunrise. We geared up by headlamp and we bolted for the section of river Kyle had scoped out on his last trip. The first snow flurries of the year drifted around us and we hunkered down on some boulders on the bank waiting for sunrise.

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The Good Ol’ Days in Katmai

Here’s some great old footage, from the IGFA archives, of fly fishing in Alaska’s Katmai region. When I guided on the Alaska Peninsula back in the mid-1990s, I often wondered what things were like in the “Good Ol’ Days,” and this video offers a glimpse into that period before there was a real fly-fishing industry in the bush. I especially love the narrator’s exhortations to the angler who has hooked a big rainbow on a Dardevle spoon: “Ride him, fella! Ride him!”

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Orvis Job Wall, July 18

Orvis Flagship Store

Orvis has exciting news for customers and fans in the greater New York City area, as we announce that Yonkers, New York, will soon be home to an Orvis retail store! We are searching for the absolutely right people to become our new Store Manager and Fishing Manager in this new location.

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Picture of the Day: Family Affair

Family Affair

Orvis Western ELOG Director Tom Evenson and his son Oscar show off a nice
Owyhee brown trout that fell for a small grasshopper pattern.

photo by Bonnie Evenson

Tom Evenson, director of the Orvis-Endorsed Lodges, Outfitters, & Guides (ELOG) Program for the western U.S., sent us this great picture and a story to go with it: . . .

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Picture(s) of the Day: Huge Big Hole River Brown Trout II

Big Hole Monster 1

This aged, 27-inch brown trout was taken from a high-and-muddy Big Hole River.

photo by Chuck Page

On Tuesday, we posted pictures of a monster brown trout caught by a novice angler on the Big Hole in Montana. She was part of a group of female anglers known as The Quality Chicks (check out their story over on the Women in Fly Fishing blog). Well, the saga doesn’t end there. Here’s another update from Wade Fellin, of Big Hole Lodge:

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Friday Film Festival 07.15.11

Welcome to another edition of the Friday Film Festival, in which we scour the web for the best fly-fishing footage available. This week, we travel from New Zealand to Iceland, and from Florida to Kiribati. If you’re interested in the ways that fish feed, we’ve got a couple of gems for you—featuring some extremely hungry tarpon and. . .

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Yellowstone River Oil Spill Update

yellowstone river

The Yellowstone River

The EPA updated its site yesterday regarding ExxonMobil’s clean-up plan for the oil spill on the Yellowstone River, which, though it did affect ranchers and other landowners, has NOT affected fishing. In part, the EPA stated: . . .

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Podcast- Getting the Most out of Summertime Fly Fishing

In this week’s fly box, I mention a tip on mending line that I just got from a guide, a recommendation for how to choose a rod for nymphing, and 10 tips for reeling in and playing fish. For the main part of the podcast, I give some recommendations for high summer fishing–for having more fun, getting in more fishing time, and broadening your horizons.

We also have a great, new way to participate with The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide Podcast. Go to to participate in our online forum to suggest podcast ideas or discuss episodes.

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“It’s finally here!”

Salmonflies on the Madison

Salmonflies cluster on streamside vegetation along the Madison River above Ennis. The combination of dropping flows and huge bugs means killer fishing ahead.

photo by Toby Swank

After a wild and unpredictable couple of months, it now seems like things are settling down and our season is finally underway here in southwestern Montana. The runoff is almost over, and flows on rivers such as the Gallatin and Madison have been dropping at a rapid rate. Just a week ago, we were all wondering when it would happen, and then all of a sudden…it’s here!

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Fly-Fishing History, Part II

Gordon M. Wickstrom

Gordon M. Wickstrom at the London Fly Fisher’s Club.

photo by Linnea Wickstrom

Editor’s note: For the next few months, we will be featuring entries from Gordon M. Wickstrom’s The History of Fishing for Trout with Artificial Flies in Britain and America: A Chronology of Five Hundred Years, 1496 to 2000. In this chronology, Gordon marks significant events—the publication of seminal books, tackle developments, important social changes, the dissemination of trout species beyond their native ranges, etc.—on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Wickstrom is the author of Notes from an Old Fly Book (2001) and Late in an Angler’s Life (2004), editor of The Boulder Creek Angler newsletter, and writer and director of The Great Debate—A Fantasia for Anglers, an imagined debate between Frederic M. Halford and G. E. M. Skues.

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