Paul Puckett: A Peripatetic Artist

“Tail and Lights”
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Growing up in Dallas, Texas, Paul Puckett always drew and painted, and when his grandfather passed away in 1988, Paul inherited a Berkley 8-foot 7-weight rod and a bunch of bass poppers, which kicked off his fly-fishing passion. After receiving a degree in advertising design from the University of North Texas, Paul worked in a series of fly shops in Dallas, Jackson Hole, and Atlanta.

Tarpon Face Study”

When he moved to the southeast in 2004, he decided to give his artwork a good 10-year run, and he has never looked back. Working in fly shops—he’s now at Lowcountry Fly Shop in Charleston, South Carolina—has helped him spread the word throughout the angling community, and his art has appeared in numerous angling magazines, in print and online.

“Two in the Grass”

“I love fishing in general and painting in general, but I tend to want to paint the environment around me. Typically saltwater fish do not have as much color, and that’s the challenge in it.” Aside from painting, Paul also works in illustration and graphic design.  “I love the freedom of illustration where I can use my drawing background to take everyday fishing scenarios and add a little humor to the situation, cartoons if you will.”

“Morning Storm”

You can see lots more of Paul’s work at his website.

“Redfish Portrait”

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  1. Amazing talent!! Guy Harvey has some competition! I especially like the “Two in the grass” work.

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