Phil Monahan on the Itinerant Angler Podcast

I like to joke that I “discovered” Zach Matthews, as I published his first magazine story back in ’05 (when I was the editor of American Angler), but the truth is that his Itinerant Angler website was already well established in the fly-fishing world. Zach was kind enough to invite me back on his podcast, which is in its 12th(!) season, and we enjoyed a wide-ranging discussion of everything from the philosophy behind Orvis News to the state of fly-fishing writing to my recent pike-fishing trip to Sakatchewan. Click the “play” button below to listen.

If the above player doesn’t work for you, click here.

If you’re interested in more Orvis-related discussions on the Itinerant Angler Podcasts, check out Zach’s discussions with Chrissy Atkins and Jackie Kutzer of #50/50 on the Water, Shawn Combs, and Steve Hemkens.

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