Photos: Phoebe’s Last-Day Brown Trout in Vermont

Written by: Phoebe Bean

The brown trout were eager to eat a streamer, as the temperature climbed into the mid 30s.
All photos by Phoebe Bean

Tomorrow is my last day at the Orvis HQ office before I get in my car and drive 2,500 miles back west. Tomorrow is my last day, and I’m in denial. Who knew that four months could slip away so quickly? I am not looking forward to saying goodbye to the folks at Orvis who have become family, nor am I excited to leave my dear godparents and their trio of pups. Last night, after giving up on packing my disaster of a room into countless duffels, I decided I would spend this morning getting a few casts in before my road trip begins.

What a great fish to mark the end of Phoebe’s Vermont sojourn!

The warmer temperatures over the past couple of days helped my cause, and landing the first trout was extremely satisfying. I never cease to be amazed at the power the act of fishing has on me; standing waste deep in the river’s current and letting my line swing put my mind at ease, and I momentarily forgot about my woes.

These were wild fish living in a river only recently opened to year-round fishing.

My fishing experiences in Vermont, though very different from the Western waters I’m accustomed to, have been excellent. From 5-inch brookies to 20-inch browns (plus a few rainbows in between), exploring new rivers has been quite an adventure, and I’ll miss my daily lunch dates with my fly rod.

That’s a trophy brown trout anywhere.

This morning’s excursion was a great way to end to my four-month journey at Orvis, and offered me a moment of closure. I am so grateful to have worked with such incredible people, and hope to be back to visit soon! Cheers!

Phoebe Bean is an Intern for Orvis Adventures.

Editor’s note: In her brief time at Orvis, Phoebe Bean has made great contributions to Orvis News, both on the Fly Fishing and Wingshooting blogs. (This was NOT part of her job, by the way.) You can check out her fishing adventures here:

We wish Phoebe all the best as she returns to her home in Idaho, and we hope that she’ll continue to offer dispatches from the field.

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