Photo: A Tiger in Bulldog Country

Tiger trout are not native in the southern Appalachians, but they make very cool trophies.
Photo by Reid Ogden

Will Taylor—guide and owner of The Fly Shop Company of Blue Ridge, Georgia—sent in this great photo of client Lesa Varie, who landed a gorgeous tiger trout on a 3-weight while fishing a small stream in North Georgia.

10 thoughts on “Photo: A Tiger in Bulldog Country”

  1. Interesting caption, “Tiger Trout are not native in the Southern Appalachians…”.

    Tiger trout have a native range? Great picture anyway.

  2. While tiger trout are cool they are nit actually native any where. As you probably know they are a hybrid of a female brook trout and male brown trout. While they some times occure by accident where wild populations of both brook and brown trout live they are truly not native any place. They are beautiful, aggressive trout that when hooked make a great showing of themselves even the stocked variety

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