Photo: Beware the Peanut Gallery!

A triumvirate of experts felt free to critique my casting, presentation, and fly choice on Norway’s Gaula River.
Photo by Sandy Hays

Last summer, when I traveled to Norway to fish the Gaula River with the Norwegian Flyfishers Club, I was in the uncomfortable (for me) position of being a novice two-handed caster who had fished for Atlantic salmon only once before. Virtually everyone around me had more experience and expertise, which meant that a situation like the one above, in which three anglers were watching me fish, was a recipe for self-consciousness. So, of course, my casting immediately went to pot, much to the amusement of the audience.

3 thoughts on “Photo: Beware the Peanut Gallery!”

  1. Phil: I think we have all been in positions like that before at one time or another, unfortunate as it may be. Hopefully, it didn’t ruin your trip.

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