Photo of the Day: Big Bitterroot Brownie

Written by: Matthew Churchman, Blackfoot River Outfitters

John Herzer (right) shows off the huge Bitterroot brown landed by Jason Cotta.
Photos courtesy Blackfoot River Outfitters

What can you do if the fishing is slow and everybody needs a boost? Catch a two-footer, that’s what. Our recent spate of higher-than-normal temperatures in Missoula brought the rivers up and had them running a little brown. But recent Orvis Guide of the Year recipient John Herzer helped Jason Cotta (fishing manager of Orvis Bellevue) get it done with a big brown on the Bitterroot. If the fish are few and far between, let them be monsters.

Matthew Churchman is the manager of Blackfoot River Outfitters, in Missoula, Montana.

Putting the big trout back to fight another day. . .

A long, tough day on the boat is changed in an instant by a big fish brought to the net.

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