Photo: Bullish on Montana’s Kootenai River

A big bull trout elicits a special kind of smile in an angler who isn’t accustomed to such wonders.
Photo courtesy Linehan Outfitting Co.

Tim Linehan sent in this great shot of a special moment for Orvis Tyson’s Corner (Virginia) fishing manager, Art Noglak, and Linehan Outfitting Company guide Sean McAfee. Floating on Montana’s Kootenai River, they landed this gorgeous bull trout during a banner fall day of fishing.

3 thoughts on “Photo: Bullish on Montana’s Kootenai River”

  1. Tim,

    Great pic. Been hearing about this trip all week in the shop. That’s not even the “big” fish Art caught.

    1. Great photo. Perhaps on one of my trips to Montana I can make my way north to some of the upper parts of the state.
      Rob, I appreciate your podcast as well 🙂 …Didn’t even know that anyone did flyfishing in LA (45 miles north of where I live) until your podcast.

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