Photo: Cold and Alone on the Madison. . .but Not Lonely

The rainbows on the Upper Madison were feeding heavily, despite the cold.
Photo by Maggie Mae Stone

Maggie Mae Stone—a guide at The Tackle Shop in Ennis, Montana, as well as a former Trout Bum of the Week—sent in this cool shot from a solo trip she made yesterday. Here’s her description:

The Upper Madison is fishing so well that I stood out in high winds and cold weather for five hours of amazing fishing. Even though I had frozen hands, the fish were consistently hitting Zebra Midges and Copper Zonkers like they were candy. There was not another soul on the river. I love fishing this time of the year. . . .Oh, wait, any time of the year is awesome if you live in Montana!

Oh, sure. Rub it in, Maggie.

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