Photo of the Day: Couch-Potato Brown Trout

Written by: Dana Lattery, First Cast Last Pass

There’s nothing like fly-fishing in comfort, while landing a gorgeous brown trout.
Photo courtesy Dana Lattery

On the Bow River, there is a random couch in the river, perhaps left over from run off. It made me think of when I was a kid and my dad would tell me to get off the couch, as nothing ever good comes from sitting on the couch. He was right. It pushed me to be in the outdoors and eventually to become a fly-fishing and waterfowl-hunting guide. Catching a nice brown by the old couch in the river, I couldn’t pass up the photo op. And the Helios 2 5-weight did the job just fine!

Dana Lattery is co-owner/operator of First Cast Last Pass in Calgary, Alberta.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Couch-Potato Brown Trout”

  1. That’s a great shot! It reminds me of a funny I heard on the radio some time back. A comedian was talking about passing a couch on the freeway that was on fire, and he pondered how that came to be. “Honey, the sofa’s on fire. Quick, let’s get it to the interstate!”

  2. Yes, great funny shot, but I hope he did the right thing and REMOVED the couch from the river when he was done with the photo!

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