Photo of the Day: It’s a Tarpon Bonanza in Belize

Written by: Dan Davala, Orvis Adventures

Angler Geoff Burke battles his first tarpon on the fly in Belize.
Photo by Dan Davala

We had a blast during the the October Bonefish Bonanza at El Pescador, and the fishing and weather were great! I had the privilege of watching my friend, Geoff Burke, catch his first tarpon on the fly, which was a major goal for him on this trip. It was one of those moments when everything lined up, and the fish followed the fly and ate only 20 feet from the boat–so the take was as memorable as all that came after. Big shout outs to our guide, Junior, for putting us on the fish, and to Dave Winston for digitally “mastering” the photo for me, bringing out the colors and hues that really have to be seen and felt in person to fully appreciate.

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: It’s a Tarpon Bonanza in Belize”

  1. Awesome picture you took, Dan. Quite an experience and thanks to Junior for helping me land the fish . . ..

  2. Would this trip be over my head…. I am a beginner at fly fishing…. mostly small mountain streams but am intrigued with this gorgeous place and opportunity. Should I get more experience first or are beginners welcome?

    1. Hey Susan

      You should absolutely give it a shot!! One of the reasons we do so many trips to El Pescador is that it’s such a great Saltwater location for anglers of all skill levels. I feel very blessed to have had the privilege to celebrate many angler’s first saltwater fish on the fly at El Pescador, whether a bonefish, a tarpon, a permit, or any of the other species available. We offer a lot of options including large group trips, women’s only trips, and our popular saltwater schools there every year, so click the Orvis Adventures link by my name up top and give me a call – I can tell you all about it then! Hope to talk to you soon!


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