Photo Essay: Dropping in for a Little Kayak Fly-Fishing

Damon gets ready to take the plunge into a fishing hole.
Photos courtesy Jackson Kayak

Former Trout Bum of the Week Damon Bungard is the product manager at Jackson Kayak, and he sent in these great images that highlight the versatility of the company’s new crossover whitewater model, the Karma Traverse. As you can see, it may just be the perfect watercraft for fly-fishing trips down rivers where things can get a little. . .rough. Even if you have no interest in whitewater kayaking, you’ve got to admit that this is a cool way to get to your favorite trout┬áspot.

6 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Dropping in for a Little Kayak Fly-Fishing”

  1. Extremely cool. I love seeing multisport stories like this one. I think this will be a trend in the future as there are more people on the water. If you want solitude you should consider upping your paddling chops to earn it!!

  2. And here I thought rappelling down to fish was something to brag about. Time to practice my roll I guess.

  3. I think this is one of my favorite ways to engage with river ecosystems. thinking as a paddler and a fisherman in one trip rounds out the experience of being on a river in a unique way. no other sports can be combined in such a powerful and reciprocal form.

  4. I wish they would devise a way to strap a fully rigged rod to the boat between holes, while keeping it protected. It would be nice to paddle through some whitewater, break out the rod, strap the rod to the side, then go to the next session without needing to fully break it down in order to keep it safe.

  5. Kayaking is chosen by fans of water entertainment who want to relax body and soul, enjoy the unity with nature and spend a weekend without a problem. I think getting into a kayak with rough water is quite a difficult process, I read about it here of course, not everyone can handle it, this requires experience, certain skills and knowledge!

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