Photo Essay: Shutdown Brown Trout in Montana

Written by: John McKinnie, Lone Mountain Ranch

The Upper Madison below Earthquake Lake continued to produce when the Park was off-limits.
Photo courtesy Lone Mountain Ranch

Over the two weeks when the U.S. government was shut down, anglers around the area were frustrated by the closure of Yellowstone National Park. Fall fishing inside the park can provide the opportunity for the fish of a lifetime; hunting for big browns that have headed to their spawning grounds of the Madison, Yellowstone, Gardiner, Firehole, or Gibbon Rivers. The good news is that we still have plenty of other rivers in the area with big browns on the prowl, and that it looks like we will have the last two weeks of the YNP fishing season to enjoy since the shutdown ended.

John McKinnie is the Fly-Fishing Manager for Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky, Montana.

This beautiful brown came from the Gallatin River, close to Big Sky.
Photo courtesy Lone Mountain Ranch

Luckily for John McKinnie, there was plenty of water outside the Park to fish.
Photo courtesy Lone Mountain Ranch

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