Photo Essay: Speed-Floating the Madison River

Written by: Phil Monahan

Josh shows off a beautiful, healthy Madison River brown trout that ate a streamer.
Photo by Tom Evenson

Yesterday, Tom Eveneson and I floated the Madison River with Firehole Ranch head guide Josh Duchateau. We started off drifting nymphs and had some success, catching a few nice rainbows and browns. Then we switched over to streamers in the afternoon, as some cloud cover rolled in. Banging the banks with several different patterns, we got lost of strikes and landed some sweet fish. The river was running pretty high, so we were able to make a really long float in just a few hours, which allowed us to cover a lot water.

Tom casts his streamer right on the bank in the Palisades section of the river.
Photo by Phil Monahan

The Madison classic, a Serendipity, fooled this rainbow.
Photo by Tom Evenson

Josh releases another bank-dwelling brown.
Photo by Tom Evenson

Tom’s biggest streamer brown was cause for celebration.
Photo by Phil Monahan

The perfect water-drip shot of a healthy trout.
Photo by Phil Monahan

Another Serendipity-fooled Madison trout.
Photo by Tom Evenson

After staying at and fishing around Firehole Ranch, I wasn’t surprised to see these.
Photo by Tom Evenson

2 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Speed-Floating the Madison River

  1. ron holliday

    The Firehole Ranch and the Madison river are amazing! Josh and company are pros who know how to put you on fish, lots of fish!

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