Photo Essay: The Big Bonefish of Deep Water Cay

Written by: Benjamin Gossett—Fishing Manager, Orvis Houston

Right off the bat, the group was into big schools of bonefish on the Bahamian flats.
Photos by Benjamin Gossett, except where noted

I recently had the opportunity to travel to The Bahamas to fish at Deep Water Cay. When I arrived at the Freeport Airport, I met up with Craig Foster, store manager of Orvis Raleigh; José Delgado, fishing manager of Orvis Woodlands (TX); and Trey Oliver, fishing manager of Orvis Charlotte.

After a trip to the Sands Brewery, a visit to a cigar shop for Cubans, a scenic van ride, and a short boat ride, we made it to the lodge. The moment we arrived to the lodge everything was perfect: food, accommodations, amazing staff, and, oh yeah, big bones.

The fishing was lights out! I was partnered up with Trey on day one, and after a long run, we made it to bonefish heaven. I don’t remember how many we caught–that’s the way it should be–but we had school after school of nice fish. Trey and I both landed the biggest bones of our lives.

Day two was slower, but we had a blast. I was lucky to share a boat with Christopher Pipes of Deep Water Cay and the High Lonesome Ranch, and I learned that sharks fight very hard.

José Delgado, fishing manager Orvis Woodlands, makes a hard strip-set.

These pockmarks are signs of feeding bonefish.

The arsenal for the trip hangs after a good freshwater rinse at the end of the day.

Trey Oliver, of Orvis Charlotte, shows off a hefty bone and a satisfied smile.

Guide William Pender poles against an angry sky.

The author shows off his biggest bonefish of the trip.
Photo courtesy Deep Water Cay

New Deep Water Cay Guide David Tate relaxes back at the lodge.

The water on the flats was like glass on the way out.

Trey prepares to release the last fish of the day.

Christopher Pipes, of DWC and High Lonesome Ranch, was our host.

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