Photo Essay: The Magic of Chilean Patagonia

Written by: Tim Romano

This is just one of the reasons anglers travel to the waters around Coyhaique, Chile.
All photos by Tim Romano

Last Spring, my wife Ellie and I have were lucky enough to spend twelve days fishing the insanely varied water around the small southern Patagonian town of Coyhaique, Chile, with the owner of Magic Waters Lodge, Eduardo Barreto and his spectacular crew of guides. The varied trout water consisted of big rivers, tiny creeks, glacial rivers, sand flats of gigantic lakes, remote gorges, and “lagunas” right out the back door.

If big—and I mean BIG—dry flies are your thing, this is the place to go. If you like streamer fishing, no problem. Throw the largest, triple-articulated wet sock you have, and the fish will eat it with reckless abandon. Sight-nymphing get you all fired up? Go for it. I think this area of Patagonia must be like Montana was 100 years ago. Fish are big and they love to eat. This little photo essay is just the tip of the iceberg. . . .

Tim Romano is a photographer, editor, and writer for Angling Trade and the Field & Stream “Fly Talk” blog.

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