Photo Essay: Writers’ Retreat at Orvis and in the Catskills

Some of the biggest names in the fly-fishing press—of both the online and “dead tree” variety—get ready to tour the Orvis Rod Shop in manchester, Vermont. How many can you name?
All photos by Brian O’Keefe

Last week, Orvis hosted a large group of fly-fishing writers, editors, and photographers for a few days of meetings and a tour of the Rod Shop, followed by a trip to the Catskills to wet a line. One of the great things about this business is the ability to combine work and fun so easily. Lucky for us, the great photographer Brian O’Keefe, of Catch Magazine, was on hand, and he shot these cool photos during both parts of the trip.

Orvis Product Developer Shawn Combs demonstrates the flex of a fiberglass blank.

A handful of blank sections.

Forming a cork grip.

The stress-test machine in action.

Tom shows off one of the new fiberglass rods for the fly-fisherazzi.

Sitting on the bank, waiting for a hatch.

Ted Leeson, author of The Habit of Rivers and writer for Fly Rod & Reel, works a riffle.

Morning fog makes for eerie quiet.

A beautiful Catskills brown trout that fell for a Sulfur dry fly.

Big, black streamers worked well, too.

Casting above the mist.

A big rainbow takes a bug off the surface.

7 thoughts on “Photo Essay: Writers’ Retreat at Orvis and in the Catskills”

  1. It would be nice for those of us not in the know to name the writers and maybe some of their publications for us at a later date.

  2. The faces are a little small in the top picture, but pretty sure I see Kent and Louis from Gink and Gasoline.

  3. When, in 1934, the New Deal asked for WPA artist applicants, more people applied as artists, more artists than the total of recorded artists in recorded time. I remembered that at once when I saw that gang of “writers” in that photo. I wonder how they were gathered without Ed Engle, John Gierach– and me….Is it an ugly regionalist thing?

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