Photo of the day: An Atlantic Salmon of a Lifetime

Written by: Alberto Rey

A Great Lakes steelhead-and-trout guy struck silver on a trip to Iceland.
Photo courtesy Alberto Rey

I was fortunate to land this gorgeous Atlantic salmon last night at 8:15 here on the Jokla River in eastern Iceland. My 14-year-old son, Diego, and my buddy, Matt, video taped the ungraceful fight as I climbed and fell over the volcanic shoreline. My guide, Mattias Hakonarson, ran in front of me, shouting instructions as he carefully scampered in the fast moving white water. I felt incredibly fortunate to be provided this gift.

The fish was caught on a size 12 shrimp pattern that I tied during the long winter in Fredonia, New York. It has monofilament eyes, pink rabbit fur, rubber legs, and flashabou. It’s not your traditional Icelandic pattern, and received looks of skepticism from other guides—but not Mattias.

Alberto Rey is an Orvis-endorsed guide, an artist, and a faculty member in the Department of Visual Arts and New Media at the State University of New York at Fredonia.

5 thoughts on “Photo of the day: An Atlantic Salmon of a Lifetime”

  1. There’s still some slack under his right elbow. If he strained just a bit more…and really got those arms stretched out straight—he could make the fish look even larger.

  2. Hey Mike: Look at Alberto’s fingers under the pectoral fin. By any measure this is a magnificent fish. Thanks for sharing Alberto.

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