Photo of the Day: An Old Dominion Jewel

Written by: Harvard Smith

This beautiful little rainbow brightened up a winter day for two teenage anglers in Virginia.
Photo by Harvard Smith

Here is a picture of a small rainbow my friend Hunter Wigginton caught last month when we were fishing in western Virginia. I was dumbfounded by how beautiful this fish was, even in the dead of a very cold Virginia winter. He ate a small Woolly Bugger. My friend and I are both 16 years old.

Harvard Smith and Hunter Wigginton are high-school juniors from Richmond, Virginia.

10 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: An Old Dominion Jewel”

  1. The little one’s are sometimes the most beautiful. I think my favorite times fishing are when I have been in the Shenandoahs or over in the Savage River Watershed catching little brookies on small mountain streams. They have the best colors.

    1. I was begging for someone to take just one pic last week of my fish. No takers available. Just nice sometimes when it is snowing a foot to remember one big trout.

  2. Nice Job. It’s not the size of the fish that matter’s, especially in the winter. I fished for a couple hours yesterday in Western Mass and would have loved that fish instead of getting skunked.

  3. I miss fishing the little Washington state mountain streams and catching these gems. With my artificial knees I am no longer able to climb over the beaver ponds and logjams that hold them. So I am limited to lakes and large rivers with sandy bottoms that I can wade safely, at least I can still safely catch steelhead and salmon on occasion.

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