Photo of the Day: Carp Rods of the Champions

Some lucky carp anglers will walk away with these one-of-a-kind Helios 2s this summer.
Photo by Tom Rosenbauer

The other day I sent out special H2 rods as awards in the major US fly-rod carp tournaments for summer 2013. Each of the following tournaments got a special rod:
Lake Henshaw Carp Throwdown (San Diego, June 8)
King of the Carp (Bighorn Lake, Montana, June 28)
Carpocalypse (Kennewick, Washington, August 10)
3 Rivers Carp Cup (Knoxville, Tennessee, August 25)
Carp Slam (Denver, September 7)
If you live near any of these and think you’d like to enter, click any of the links above. All relevant information will also be on our Carp Central page, coming in early June.

Carp tournaments are low-key, are mainly about having fun, and aren’t like any fishing tournaments you’ve seen before.

5 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Carp Rods of the Champions”

  1. Gentlemen:

    I would like to share my thoughts with regard to a Golden Bonefish (carp) tournament in Traverse City, MIchigan. Fly fishing for carp in the Great Lakes basin was born in the Traverse City region. The area is well a well known destination and is home to numerous anglers. Traverse City – Fly fishing for carp has had a tremendous amount of national media exposure including the New York TImes, Fly Rod & Reel, Field & Stream, Detroit News and many other mainstream publications.

    The Traverse City region has become an angling destination for this rapidly growing fishery and would make a perfect venue for a national tournament..

    Thank you for your consideration…

    David McCool

  2. Not yet in France this kind of carp tournament. Great cane it makes dream!
    How silk 8/9, or smaller?

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