Classic Photo: Feathered Trout Thief

What a glorious pose . . . Hey! That’s MY fish!
Photo by Brandon Kalpin

I received this great photo and story from blog reader Brandon Kalpin of Altadena, California:

Hello Orvis,

My dad and I just started fly fishing a few years ago. We started a tradition that we hope to continue of an annual father/son fly fishing trip. We recently went on a trip to Pinantan Lake located in British Columbia, Canada. On this trip we stayed at Pinantan Lake Resort, which I highly recommend.

We had been fishing for rainbow trout with great success. The last two days, a pair of bald eagles were following our every move. We were fishing with hybrid flies (a damsel fly nymph and leech pattern combined), which I tie on size 10 hooks. I had a pretty good sized fish on when my father noticed an eagle was circling above. I got my iPhone out to take a few shots while trying to reel in the fish.

The next thing I knew, the eagle was diving down for my fish. The attached photo was the result. I couldn’t believe how big the eagle was and the noise its wings made flapping in the air as it was no more than eight feet away from our boat. When it got its talons in my fish, the next thing I knew my reel started to spin as my line headed skyward. I could hardly put my iPhone away to get a palm on my reel when the tippet snapped. We ended up losing 3-4 trout to this pair of eagles during our trip. I will always cherish these fishing trips I have taken with my father, but the trip where we for a brief time had a few bald eagles on the end of our lines will be particularly unforgettable.

It reminds me of the astonishing videos of an eagle stealing a fish we have posted before.

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  1. Beautiful! By the way the eagle is still stealing fish! Now it is teaching its baby how to steal too!

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