Photo of the Day: Huge Brown Trout from the █████ River

That is a tank of a fall brown trout!
Photo by Shawn Combs

Tyler Atkins, who is an Outdoor Marketing & Merchandising Specialist here at Orvis, caught this stunning brown trout two weekends ago at an undisclosed location. All I can say is that it was somewhere east of Denver and north of Montevideo. Sheesh. The big brownie taped out at 26 inches, but just look at how firm-bodied that fish is! No matter where he caught it, that’s a true fall trophy.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Huge Brown Trout from the █████ River”

  1. That is not very cool to keep that place in your pocket . I understand about private places but a fish like that . That is just wrong . We are all anglers here . Just prove where you got it instead of a possible photo shop not saying it’s a fake yes you can get big fish but remember the saying early to bed early to rise fish like heck and make up lies . It’s just that fish is just too good to be true we don’t have them in TN .

  2. Ok thanks for heads up just been flying wrong river I’m going to clinch river been fishing out side of gatlinberg for years about 20 and had not gotten anything that big but I did in Missouri it was quite that big it was 10 I’m sorry for the sound off but man I wish they would tell where it was they got that beast

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