Photo of the Day II: Now THAT’s A Mouthful!

Written by: Ryan Newman

Apparently, this brown trout was still hungry after gorging on a baitfish about 1/3 the trout’s length..
Photo by Ryan Newman/Rocky Mountain Outfitters

While fishing the Provo River, guide Greg Randall landed this 16-inch brown trout. When he reached down to unhook it, the fish yacked up this little guy! Even with this monstrosity in his mouth, he was still trying to eat pmd emergers. I was kind of surprised that a 16-inch fish would swallow something this big, but I’ve seen it with my own eyes now.

Ryan Newman guides for Rocky Mountain Outfitters in Heber City, Utah—2013 Orvis Endorsed Guide Service of the Year.

One thought on “Photo of the Day II: Now THAT’s A Mouthful!

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    I’ve heard stories of browns still feeding with the tail of a prey fish sticking out of its mouth!


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