Photo of the Day: Lesa’s Midwinter Monster

A brown like this is worth braving a frigid winter day in North Georgia.
Photo by Reid Ogden

Will Taylor—guide and owner of The Fly Shop Company of Blue Ridge, Georgia—sent in another great photo of client Lesa Varie (you might remember her gorgeous tiger trout) with a stunning brown. On a 17-degree day, Lesa was nymphing with a 4-weight, which meant she was undergunned for such a beast. But she managed to land it, which explains the big smile. She doesn’t even seem to mind the cold hands.

[Editor’s note: Yes, we realize that this image makes use of forced perspective, which makes the fish look larger than it really was. But no matter how you slice it, that’s a stunning trout.]

6 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Lesa’s Midwinter Monster”

    1. My thoughts as well. She must be tough. I would need a warmer hat, a coat and some gloves before I fishing in 17 degree tempetures.

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