Photo of the Day: One-Piece Redfish

Katie’s Everglades 32-inch redfish weighed in at 9 pounds.
Photo courtesy Katie Cone

A few years ago, we posted a photo of Katie Cone—the daughter of Orvis Human Resources Manager Michelle Cone, who works with us at company HQ—with a nice Vermont rainbow trout. In the intervening years, Katie has obviously upped her game and widened her horizons. She caught the above redfish in Florida’s Ten Thousand Islands on Sunday, using a 12-weight Helios 2 One-Piece rod.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: One-Piece Redfish”

  1. 12 wt.! She was after tarpon and this was an incidental catch? 8 wt or maybe 9 wt with wind would have been plenty…at least here in NE FL.

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