Photo of the Day: Possibly the Biggest Rainbow Trout Ever Caught in Missouri

At 31 inches long, Mark Clemishire’s trout was a fish of a lifetime.
Photo courtesy Mark Clemishire

Angler Mark Clemishire sent us these photos today of a monstrous rainbow trout he caught on Missouri’s Lake Taneycomo tailwater last Saturday. Clemishire, who hails from Skiatook, Oklahoma, was fishing with guide Brett Rader when they spotted a huge fish cruising in just two feet of water. Clemishire got in about a dozen casts before the fish spooked, but all was not lost: the huge rainbow reappeared downstream. This time, Clemishire was on his game, and using a size 18 Black Soft-Shelled Scud and a 6X tippet, he hooked the beast on the third cast.

When the fish finally came to the net, they couldn’t believe its size: 31 inches long, with a 23-inch girth. Clemishire says that he was so concerned about the fish’s health that its possible record status didn’t even occur to him until after the successful release. No matter what weight-calculating formula you use, those measurements put the fish into the 20-pound range, which could have crushed the current Missouri record, which is 18 pounds, 1 ounce.

When I talked to Clemishire on the phone, however, he wasn’t too bummed about missing out on the record. He was still basking in the awe that he’d felt as he’d lifted that beauty from the net.

The monster rainbow was released alive and well, and we may see it again if another angler can tempt it.
Photo courtesy Mark Clemishire

Just look at how tall the trout is at the shoulders!
Photo by Brett Rader

12 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: Possibly the Biggest Rainbow Trout Ever Caught in Missouri”

  1. 6X and size 18 – the size of the fish deserves a multiplier effect for that. I should be jealous but I feel surprisingly happy for you mark!

  2. Brett is a great. Guide! He coached me and I landed a 30 inch brown in 2008! Way to go Mark and Brett!

  3. We need a fact check. There must be a typo, there is no way you could land that fish on 6X tippet and it not die of exhaustion or cause you to break the line.

    Nice fish though.

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  5. I was told by a wildlife biologist a year ago that they had shocked at 59 in. Brown I will not say exactly where. Just believe there are Monster trout in those Waters.

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