Photo of the Day: Practice-Session Rainbow Trout

Written by: Dave Danley, Falcon’s Ledge

Lance Egan had to work against a serious wind but still managed to land this beautiful rainbow.
Photo courtesy Falcon’s Ledge

Our friend Lance Egan was out last week on a windy, stormy day, and his decision to brave the weather paid off when he landed this monster rainbow. As a member of the Fly Fishing Team USA, he was out at Falcon’s Ledge in Altamont, Utah, getting in some lake-fishing practice. (This year’s Fly Fishing World Championship will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina in June.) The weather was not good, with winds reaching 30 mph, but he fought the tough conditions and got into this beautiful rainbow.

One thought on “Photo of the Day: Practice-Session Rainbow Trout”

  1. is he using a stripping basket for streamers? I sometimes do the same thing, but you don’t see it too often in freshwater.

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