Photo of the Day: Second-Chance Permit in Belize

Written by: Damien Nurre, Deep Canyon Outfitters

Kristin Kovalik and guide Scully Garbutt rejoice after a long fight.
Photo by Damien Nurre

We were fishing the flats out of Punta Gorda, Belize, when we saw this permit working toward us from a long distance. It was feeding like crazy, and it ate every crab it saw. My wife, Kristin, made a perfect 65-foot cast as this monster approached. She twitched the fly once. . .the fish made a close inspection, then slowly turned away.

Quickly, she stripped the line back in and launched a 45-foot, back-hand cast a few feet from the fish’s face. One strip, two strips, and game on! The fish inhaled the crab and was gone. This photo was taken some 45 minutes later, and the grin on her face says it all. Thank you Scully Garbutt for putting Kristin on a fish of a lifetime!

Damien Nurre is the owner/operator of Deep Canyon Outfitters (2012 Endorsed Expedition of the Year) in Bend, Oregon. Damien wrote about his first permit last year.

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