Photo of the Day: That’s A Lot of Bull. . .Trout

Bull trout will often slam big streamers in spring, when the water is cool.
Photo courtesy Aaron Fox

Aaron Fox, who guides for PRO Outfitters in Montana, sent us this great photo, along with a note:

I caught this bull trout a few weeks ago while streamer-fishing with my new Access rod. I set up the 6-weight with a 200-grain streamer tip and one of my Sculpzilla-style flies–dark olive and black with a good bit of flash. We picked up quite a few fish with a combination of a slow-twitch retrieve and just letting the streamers just drag along the bottom as the line bellied downstream and swung through the current.

2 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: That’s A Lot of Bull. . .Trout”

  1. Might have to try the dragging slow swing method. Sometimes the little changes in retrieve make big differences. Nice fish

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