Photo of the Day: The No-Look Hook Set

Simon Perkins shows of his first dry-fly brown trout of the year.
Photo by Andrew Pierce

After a long day of shooting clays at Sandanona, Andrew Pierce and Simon Perkins hightailed it back to Vermont to see if the Hendricksons had started hatching on our local waters. They hopped into Simon’s canoe and hadn’t been on the water for more than a few minutes when they saw the first riser.

Simon made the cast, as Andrew went to drop the anchor. Unfortunately, he knocked the anchor off the rear seat and onto the floor of the canoe, just as Simon’s fly hit the water, and the clunk! reverberated off the close hillsides. Simon turned to look at Andrew and said, “Well, I guess we spooked that one.” But, looking downstream, Andrew saw the fish eat and yelled, “Set!” Without looking back, Simon reacted, and he was on. The beautiful brown trout taped out at just over 20 inches.

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day: The No-Look Hook Set”

  1. I can’t tell you how many fish I have caught only because the guide saw the eat while I was “less believing”.

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