Photo of the Day: Tom’s Bunny Ears

How meta is this? Bunny-eared Tom poses, with unicorn-riding Tom in the background.
Photos by Phil

Sporting Traditions Administrator Jody Frederick is married to a maniacal bunny hunter named Karl. He runs his beagles all winter, chasing rabbits through the snow in the mountains of Vermont. And come March, our own Tom Rosenbauer reaps the rewards of Karl’s labors, when Jody shows up with a bag full of bunny feet. Now he can tie up hundreds more flies, including his own Rosenbauer’s CDC Rabbit’s Foot Emerger.

Check out the hauls from the past couple years here and here.

As you can see, Karl had a good year in the woods.

These bunny feet will result in dozens and dozens of flies. . .and trout brought to hand.

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