Photos: A Father-Son Fishing Adventure in Manitoba

Written by: Stu Thompson

I’d be all smiles, too, if I’d landed a fat brownie like that!
Photo by Kevin Thompson

My son, Kevin, and I got out one long weekend in May for our yearly father-and son-fishing trip. We went up to Duck Mountain Provincial Park and had some really good fishing, even though on Sunday morning we woke up to snow and the wind howling at 30-40 mph.

The weather was a challenge, but this fish didn’t seem to mind.
Photo by Stu Thompson

As you can see, we caught a few nice trout. The biggest rainbow, a 25-incher, was caught on a pink bead fly that I was trying out for a friend of mine. We also caught splake, a cross between a brookie and a lake trout, and a couple of really nice browns.

Keving Thompson with a nice rainbow caught from the dock.
Photo by Stu Thompson

Here is the list of the nicest fish caught: 25-inch Rainbow, 24-inch rainbow and brown, 21-inch rainbow and splake, 20-inch rainbow, and a 19-1/2-inch brown. All the fish except the biggest one were taken on an olive DDH Leech. Lousy weather, but a great weekend!

This big beauty fell for a prototype fly ties by one of the author’s friends.
Photo by Stu Thompson

Now to top off this weekend, Kevin took species number 86 on the DDH Leech: Can you believe a 10-inch hornyhead chub? This was unreal!

This hornyhead chub is the 86th species of fish caught on the DDH Leech.
Photo by Stu Thompson

Stu Thompson lives in Manitoba, Canada, where he is a freelance writer, fly casting instructor, and avid angler. For instructions on how to tie Stu’s DDH Leech, click here. You can buy DDH Leeches directly from Stu by emailing the colors you want to

Photo by Kevin Thompson

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  1. Hi Stu .. any chance I could pick up a “ Duck Mountain “ package from you. My wife and I plan to head up Tuesday morning! Fishing East Blue and Gull mostly .

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