Photos: A Redfish Adventure in the Louisiana Marsh

The rod, the fly, the fish and the smile: This shot tells the whole story.
Photo by Irene Kato

Back in 2012, I made my first trip for refish, spending a couple of days on the Louisiana Marsh with legendary guide Gary Taylor. I wrote a long blog post about the experience and later posted a profile of Gary, who has led a fascinating life.

I just discovered that my friend, Irene Kato, who shot all the photos for the story, posted them all on her Picasa site. Irene lives in Baton Rouge and is an award-winning photographer, but she had never been on the marsh ar shot fly fishing before this day. I’d say she did a pretty spectacular job capturing the experience.

The slideshow begins in Gary’s backyard in Slidell, Louisiana. The shot of a photograph is when Gary was showing us what the view of his backyard looked like before Hurricane Katrina. You can see what it looks like now. Then the photos take you through our day—from the drive to marina, motoring out through Lake Borgne, and may spots in the marsh, where we found plenty of redfish. Enjoy!

Click here for a slideshow of all Irene Kato’s images from the day.

Click here for a Irene’s blog post about her experience.

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  1. Very much enjoyed the photos of this special day on the water. I just booked my first redfish trip, and while I did that before seeing these photos and those on the Orvis post, my anticipation has been heightened. Can’t wait!

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