Photos: A Western Angler Discovers East Coast Brookies

Written by: Phoebe Bean

The colors on these wild, native brook trout are amazing.
Photo by Phoebe Bean

Fishing in Vermont has taken some time to get used to. Having grown up in the west, I am accustomed to big rivers and not having to worry too much about my back casts. Although navigating the small mountain streams in the East is a much different experience, it’s still fishing, and that’s all that matters. Today, fellow Orvis employee Jess McGlothlin and I grabbed our rods and hit the Roaring Branch for a midday break from work and found some beautiful brook trout. The past week has been relatively quiet on this stream, but today the fish were hungry. I am hoping to get out as much as I can before the season ends—the next 25 days are going to fly by!

Phoebe Bean is an intern for Orvis Adventures.

An Elk-Hair Caddis was all it took to tempt the trout to the surface.
Photo by Phoebe Bean

5 thoughts on “Photos: A Western Angler Discovers East Coast Brookies”

  1. I love catching native brookies in the small brooks and streams around my home. Maine has some terrific brook trout fishing.

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