Photos: An Alaska Wedding to Remember

Newlyweds Kevin and Sally Tobias head right from the altar to the Resurrection River near Seward, Alaska.
All photos by Elisa Ivers

Capt. Kevin Tobias operates Chubby’s Charter in the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and the Northern Neck of Virginia. He tagged us on one of the great shots from his July wedding on Instagram, so we asked for more and for him to tell the story. Here it is, in Kevin’s own words:

Our wedding was at Windsong Lodge in Seward, Alaska. Sally grew up in Alaska, where she fished and worked some summers at fishing lodges. We met at university in Virginia.  I was an up-and-coming guide in the Chesapeake Bay area when I met Sally, a girl from a small town in Alaska who could catch, clean, and cook fish. She was exactly what I was looking for!

Sally is a nurse and I am an engineer.  We spend many of our weekends fishing together and enjoying the outdoors.

Time to rig up!

Sally chooses just the right pattern.

Their first cast as a married couple.

The expectation of a bite.

Insert your favorite “what a catch!” joke here.

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