Photos: Bentley’s Brown and Unique Hero Shot

Written by: Spencer Higa

No standard grip-and-grins for Bentley. He wants a real hero shot with his brown trout.
Photos courtesy Spencer Higa

Six-year-old Bentley is just learning to fly-fish, and he and his mom went looking for trout on the Lower Provo River here in Utah. Bentley ended up landing this sweet brown, but he wanted his mom to hold it. He has a lot of fun catching fish, but even more fun posing for the hero shot, as you can see. We expect big things in the future from this young man.

Bentley fights the fish on his own, as his mom offers advoce and support.

Spencer Higa is Fishing Manager at Falcon’s Ledge, in Altamont, Utah, as well as a former Trout Bum of the Week.

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