Photos: Big Browns and Mountain Spires in Southern Chile

The big browns were eating streamers on the local spring creeks, as Abby discovered.
Photos courtesy Remota Patagonia Lodge

Last week, our colleague from Orvis Travel, Abby Liell, made a trip to Remota Patagonia Lodge near Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile and she sent in the great images. Not only was the fishing spectacular, but the scenery of the area is simply breathtaking. Torres del Paine is known for its soaring mountains and glaciers, which provide some of the clean, cold water that produces such healthy brown trout.

Head guide Fernando Cassanello helped Abby improve her fish-holding technique.

One day, Abby went on a 22-mile trek to capture a rare, clear view of the Spires at Torres del Paine.

Guides Fernando Cassanello and Gonzalo Almendras hike across the pampas after a day of fishing.
Photo by Abby Liell

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