Photos of the Day: Big Grayling in the Alaskan Bush

Written by: Duane Reading

These gorgeous Alaskan natives rose readily to a well-presented Griffith’s Gnat.
Photos courtesy Rouse Fly Fishing

Anthony and his son, Daniel, enjoyed a remarkable day in Alaska catching grayling on Griffith’s Gnats. After landing on Kijik Lake, in Lake Clark National Park and preserve, the group hiked two miles up the Kijik River. There, Anthony and Daniel found a long stretch of deep water holding large grayling eager to take a dry fly. Their guides—Tony Simmons of Rouse Fly Fishing and Rodger Glaspey, owner of Rainbow King Lodge—proudly released each fish back into the river.

Duane Reading is a managing partner of Outdoor Adventure Marketing in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Daniel hooks up again in the crystal clear waters of the Kijik River.

Another brown-gray slab comes to hand.

A father-son double was cause for celebration.

Letting each fish go completes the fly fisher’s promise in such pristine wilderness.

This fish clearly survived an attack at some point in its life.

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