Photos: Big Wyoming Cutthroats on the Swing

Written by: Kubie Brown

Swinging with a Spey rod for cutties is not a common strategy, but it works quite well.
Photo by Nathan Mackey

My buddy Nate and I went up to a secret location, called “Location X,” somewhere around Wyoming to try out our 5-weight Spey rods for some big trout. It worked out fairly well, as we swung up a couple of monster fish after only a couple casts. Turned out to be quite a productive day, as well.

You rarely see monster cutthroats like these sipping bugs off the surface, so you gotta go deep.
Photo by Kubie Brown

Kubie Brown, a former Trout Bum of the Week, is a Vermont native who used to man the fly-fishing desk at the Orvis flagship store in Manchester, but he has since moved to Montana to pursue his fly fishing dreams. He is now a guide at Hubbard’s Yellowstone Lodge.

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