Photos: A Birthday to Remember. . .on the Water

Drew Ross, Looknfishy

I think that most of us would accept this beautiful cutthroat as a birthday present.
Photos courtesy

My wife talked some buddies into taking me fishing to celebrate my 40th birthday because she knows I would rather fish with my friends than have a party. We fished he Norfork and White rivers in Arkansas. Although we didn’t get the flows we had hoped for, I couldn’t ask for a better gift.

Drew Ross blogs about fishing and kayaking at Looknfishy.

It was a good day to chuck meat on two Arkansas tailwaters.

Not the kind of trout you head to the big tailwaters for, but a beauty nonetheless.

One thought on “Photos: A Birthday to Remember. . .on the Water”

  1. Great pictures and an awesome gift! I am actually planning a trip for me and a friend when we turn 40. We are going to head to the Adirondacks for some canoeing, camping and fishing. Being on the water with good friends is better than any birthday party.

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