Photos: Brookies of the Laurel Highlands

The native brook trout of the Allegheny Mountains are beautiful and perfectly adapted to the region.
Photos by Evan Sanders

Check out these great photos from the Laurel Highlands of southwestern Pennsylvania. Reader Vincent Piasecke has been chasing mountain brook trout with his trusty 3-weight and sent in these shots by his friend, Evan Sanders. Look for a lot more cool stuff from Vincent in the coming months.

Beautiful small streams with prominent plunge pools run throughout the Highlands.

This brook trout put up quite a fight for its size.

Look at those red spots!

This female offers more muted colors but is a good size fish for these waters.

The Laurel Highlands are southeast of Pittsburgh, and the mountains of the region are the highest in Pennsylvania.
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One thought on “Photos: Brookies of the Laurel Highlands”

  1. Outstanding snapshots!
    Originally from Western Pennsyltucky, I enjoyed fishing for Brookies in the Laurel Highlands, then progressed to the North-Central area of the state. Much hiking and bushwhacking involved in those adventures!

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