Photos: Business-Trip Bones in The Bahamas

Written by: Dan Davala, Orvis Travel

Conditions on South Andros look pretty perfect for Dan’s pre-conference check-in.
Photos courtesy Dan Davala

I had to be in Nassau, The Bahamas, for a conference today, so I flew in a few days early to swing by a couple of our Orvis Endorsed Lodges on South Andros Island. I managed a nice DIY bonefish on Saturday evening at Tiamo under a setting sun, then gave the 8-weight Helios 3F a nice workout on Sunday and Monday while visiting Bair’s Lodge. Shout out to Leslie Johnson and Chris Bain for putting me on a ton of tailing fish under pretty perfect conditions!

Dan Davala is an Orvis Fly Fishing Travel Specialist. He is the former the Fishing Manager at Orvis Arlington (VA).

The quarry and the tools of capture.

Sunsets over the flats can be glorious.

Sunny days on the flats make for great sight-fishing to these ghosts.

This beautiful bone was cruising along the mangroves, looking for lunch.

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