Photos of the Day: Chrissy Is Crushing the Hendrickson Hatch

That is a whole lot of wild brown trout to take on a dry fly.
photo by photo by Jeremy Kehrein


As demonstrated by Sam Brown’s beautiful trout we featured last week, the Hendricksons are happening on the Battenkill here in southwestern Vermont.

Christine Penn—Merchandise Coordinator and Analyst for Orvis Rod and Tackle—has been putting in her time on the water, and here are the spoils of her efforts. She took the fish below last Thursday night, and the pig above just last night. The spinnerfalls have been brief but impressive, and some of these lunker browns have come out of hiding to feast on the buffet of helpless maylies.


Chrissy was very excited about this fish on Thursday, but little was she to know
that she’d catch another beast just three days later.
photo by Roger Edholm


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