Photos: Cicada Spectacular on Bighorn Lake

Written by: Steve Galletta, Bighorn Angler Fly Shop & Lodge

The chance to cast dry flies to carp draws even hardcore trout anglers to Bighorn Lake.
Photos by David Palmer, Highway 313 Photography

The cicadas came off early on Bighorn Lake this year, in mid May, and the carp, smallmouth bass, and trout were up on the surface. It was especially good when the wind blew the cicadas off the top of the cliff walls that surround the 70-mile lake. Taking 5- to 8-pound carp on foam dry fly is sweet, and having the chance to be surprised by a large bass or trout at any time is even better!

Steve Galletta owns and operates Bighorn Angler Fly Shop & Lodge in Fort Smith, Montana.

Smallmouth bass love cicadas, too.

Another set of lips comes to the boat.

Casting to fish cruising the shoreline is a blast.


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