Classic Photos: A New “Exotic” European Destination?

Written by: Vito Rubino, Fly Fishing Specialist at Orvis UK

The Italian Alps offer spectacular scenery, gorgeous rivers, and a variety of target species.
Photos by Vito Rubino

I like to think that, in a couple of years, Italy will be the “new Slovenia.” Here we are talking about the Alps in in the Trentino region–in the far north of the country–where you can catch marble trout, brook trout, grayling and, of course, brown trout. All those fishes are native or wild, even a few rainbows that were stocked many years ago.

The author shows off a fine Italian brown trout from the River Chiese.

My angling heart is in Trentino, where you can find the perfect balance between wild nature and safe tourism. You can fish up in the mountains, hiking and fishing for hours. When you’re hungry, you can eat lunch at a mountain house that has to get food for their kitchen by helicopter. A new generation of fly anglers is taking care of these rivers, and opening them to a responsible fish tourism, based on respect for the environment and catch and release.

The Trentino region is just northwest of Venice.

Even better, fishing in Italy is generally cheaper than Slovenia, with less fishing pressure. And at the end of your fishing day, you can enjoy a fine Italian dinner, wine, and so on. . . .

Marble trout are native to the region, as well.

A Tenkara rod and a backpack are all you need for a long day on a mountain stream.

Brook trout, introduced decades ago, thrive in the mountains.

Another red-spotted beauty.

Hiking in leaves the crowds behind and reveals miles of unpressured water.

A long way from native waters, but still beautiful. . . .

11 thoughts on “Classic Photos: A New “Exotic” European Destination?”

  1. I have fished there and yes it is a great fishery and beautiful country. The next region over, Friuli, is also very nice as well. However, when I lived in Italy I found myself still traveling to Slovenia more often than not.

  2. We are American residents of the Val di Non (Trento Province). We have a beautiful fishery in the Alps with many :unknown” places. Thanks for posting!

  3. Hi everyone, thanks for your comment!
    Joe, for every info just drop me an email on
    Allen, all that area is amazing.
    Whenever you need something, or to get in touch, do not hesitate to write me.
    Tight Lines Guys!

  4. Thank you for sharing: I spent nearly eight years in the Friuli region and travelled the north and Trentino areas as often as time and work schedules allowed. Can’t wait to get back there sometime soon!

  5. Wow! Barbra & I have been kicking around the idea of an Italy trip for awhile now. This article pushed us closer.

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