Photos: A Free Pass for Redfish on the Louisiana Marsh

Written by: Drew Ross, Looknfishy

Nothing beats a great sight-fishing day on the marsh south of New Orleans.
Photos by Scott Myers

My wife and her best friend took the kids on a weekend trip, leaving me free to get on the water. So I called a buddy in New Orleans, and we made a tentative plan to hit the marsh over the weekend. The only real concern was if the weather would cooperate, so we thought. As the trip got closer, we both knew it was looking like near-perfect conditions for sight fishing, but nether wanted to trust the forecast.

Scott didn’t let a broken AC unit stop him from fishing.

I actually arrived and set up camp before we made the final plans for our trip. As with all good fishing plans, the fish gods tested our commitment. Scott was driving down when his “check engine” light came on. He pulled into the nearest mechanic and got the bad news. I don’t speak mechanic, but what was relayed to me was that if the air-conditioning fan belt was removed the car would run. Any other person would have probably gone home, but Scott continued on without AC.

A kayak is a great way to get into all the nooks and crannies that hold redfish.

The next morning, we got up before the sun and paddled our way out into the marsh. The day ended up being pretty incredible. The fish gods rewarded us with wonderful sight-fishing conditions. I imagine the non-air-conditioned drive home wasn’t fun in the 95-degree heat, but I’m certain the trip was worth it.

A big redfish puts plenty of bend in a fly rod.

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Watching them swim away is half the fun.

After you’ve landed a nice redfish on the fly, all you can think about is looking for more.

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