Photos from The Carp-O-Rama in Western New York

Written by: Steve May

Big carp put up a heck of a fight, and this angler pays tribute to the big lips.
Photos courtesy Steve May

Last weekend, I was at an event in Upstate New York called Carp-o-rama. It was a chance for a bunch of guys to go out and try their hand at carp fishing around Grand Island and share stories and some fine craft beers at a wrap-up BBQ with the folks from Oak Orchard Fly Shop.

I had a phenomenal day on the water with two patterns that really did a number on these clear-water carp. The Full Motion Crayfish and the Identity Crisis¬†were hoovered in by orange lips regularly throughout the morning before the fish started to peel off the flat for an afternoon siesta. These flies are designed for carp, smallmouth, panfish and trout, but it seems that anything that eats little crayfish or big nymphs will usually suck in one of these things. That is why they get a good deal of tippet time when I am on the water. They have really helped me and my clients better enjoy the “catching” part of a day on the water.

I do not do a ton of carp fishing. But, every time I go out, I question why I don’t chase these fish more often. They are challenging to fool, but incredibly abundant. And if you do things right, you can get hooked up with a bunch of big strong fish in an outing. They do not attract crowds, and they can be found on some beautiful freshwater Great Lakes flats or in clear warmwater rivers where sight-fishing is best. Sounds like a super fly fishing opportunity to me!

Steve May is an avid angler who has worked and played on the Grand River for many years. He has been a guide and a fly-fishing instructor, and he has a number of innovative fly patterns listed with Orvis.

5 thoughts on “Photos from The Carp-O-Rama in Western New York”

  1. Are you kidding me? You were invited to this event on water that is not your own and then you whore it out, in true orvis fashion using a shops name and an event name without any permission. You post pictures of you abusing our fish with your boca grips. Good job bro watch out for those teeth. You are the reason why everyone around here hates orvis because you are inconsiderate and feel entitled. Why didnt our local orvis shop go fishing out there, cause they dont do it because like you they are a bunch of posers. Next time you feel like writing an article on water you fished once maybe you should think about the numerous other anglers that call that water home and love those fish. Not cool man not cool at all..

  2. are you kidding me bowfishing these kids are the best and and people that post negative stuff that’s never tried carp think again they are an excellent white fish if you cut the Mud Vein out of them I’ll cook them for hundreds of people and they couldn’t believe how good it tastes until I told him it was carp

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